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Paid Family Leave Updates for 2023

What Should Employers Know About Paid Family Leaves in 2023?

There are paid family leave updates that employers should keep in mind for 2023. One major difference is that workers can take a paid leave to assist a sibling with a serious health condition as of January 1, 2023.

Siblings include the following:

  • Adopted siblings
  • Biological siblings
  • Step-siblings
  • Half-siblings

The employee’s siblings do not have to live in New York. In fact, they can live anywhere, even out of the country.

How long can a family paid leave last?

Eligible employees can take leaves up to 12 weeks. While on leave, they have job protection, which means employers hold their positions until they return to work. Or, the employer will provide the worker with a comparable position after returning. Examples of qualifying factors for paid leaves include:

  • Bonding with a newborn or new child
  • Caring for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Assisting loved ones during an active military service deployment
  • Caring for a minor dependent child in isolation for COVID-19

What Pay Do Employees Receive While on Leave?

Employers must ensure employees receive 67% of their average weekly wage. In addition, there is a cap based on the New York State Average Weekly Wage (NYSAWW). Employees can receive up to 67% of that cap. The NYSAWW for 2023 is $1,688.19, and 67% of that would be $1,131.08. The increase is $62.72 above the 2022 maximum weekly benefit.

For example:

  • If a worker’s average wage was $2,000 a week, they would receive the maximum benefit of $1,131.08
  • A worker making an average of $1,000 a week would receive $670
  • Employees earning an average of $600 a week would receive $402


As an employer, do you have questions about the family paid leave updates?

If you have questions or concerns, it is wise to get a legal opinion. You can consult with our attorneys at Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. We are glad to provide you with experienced legal guidance. Call (718) 275-6500 to arrange an appointment.