New York Employers: 2022 Legal Updates

Some legal guidelines for employers in NY for 2022

New York employers should be aware of 2022 legal updates to stay in compliance with laws that affect their workplaces. The following are a few recent updates that apply statewide.

State Legal Updates for New York Employers

Wage Increases

As of December 31, 2021 minimum wages throughout NY State increased to $13.20/hour. In Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties they rose to $15.00/hour. These counties now match the NYC minimum wage that has been in effect since 2019. Minimum salary amounts also rose outside of New York City. In Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties, exempt employees’ salaries increased to $1,125/week, totaling $58,500/year. Throughout the rest of New York State, minimum salaries are now $990/week or $51,480/year.

COVID-19 Vaccination Leaves

COVID-19 vaccination leaves continue throughout the year of 2022. Employees have up to four hours of paid leave for vaccinations and booster shots.

State Sick Leave

Under recent legal laws, NY employees can use sick leaves for:

  • Mental or physical illness
  • Injuries
  • Health conditions (regardless of whether it has been diagnosed or requires medical care)
  • Side effects from COVID-19 vaccination

Unpaid sick leaves apply to businesses with four or fewer employees and net incomes of $1 million or less. They must allow 40 hours of unpaid sick leave per calendar year.

Paid sick leave applies to employers with four or fewer employees and net incomes greater than $1 million. It also applies to employers with five to 99 employees. Business owners must pay up to 40 hours of paid sick leave.

Employers with 100 or more employees must pay for sick leave up to 56 hours per calendar year.

(Update reference: JD Supra)

Do you have concerns or questions about employment law compliance for 2022?

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