New York Ends Temporary Restaurant Rules on Takeout Alcohol

Pandemic Alcohol Delivery and Carryout Rules for Restaurants Ended June 24, 2021

Takeout alcohol existed in New York and many other states during the pandemic. Restaurants were struggling to survive the lockdown, and allowing takeout cocktails was one way to help keep the industry afloat.
Patrons and restaurant owners alike welcomed the provision. At the time, mandatory lockdowns had prohibited indoor dining. In fact, only carryout and delivery were occurring.

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Vaccine Incentives through Employers

What guidelines apply to vaccine incentives?

Vaccine incentives through employers are another option for promoting worker vaccinations. However, there are guidelines an employer must follow.

According to EEOC’s updated guidance, employers can offer an incentive of any kind when the employee receives the vaccine by a third party. A third party would be someone other than the employer or the employer’s agent. Examples of third parties would be pharmacies, healthcare providers  and public healthcare departments.

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