Restaurant Industry: FAQs about Tips

Owners in the restaurant industry often have questions about tips. As a restaurant owner, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities regarding tips so you can avoid disputes with employees and not put your business at risk.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA), which is federal law, and the New York Labor Law (state law) determine how restaurant owners must deal with tips.

In the past, people paid restaurant bills with cash, but today credit cards are a popular and common form of payment.

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New York Wage and Hours Law: Wage Deductions and Payroll FAQs

New York employment laws dictate how employers must pay employees, and extensive information is available about Wage and Hours laws that require employers’ compliance.

According to the New York Department of Labor, employers frequently ask the following two questions about wages.
What information must an employer’s payroll records contain?

Employers’ payroll records must show information for each week an employee works. Records must show the following:

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Posters Required for Businesses Under NY Employment Laws

What Posters Must Employers Display based on NY Employment Laws?

A number of laws have been passed that require employers to display posters. It is often hard to keep up with all the requirements and know whether or not you’ve displayed all the posters.

The New York Department of Labor has a list of all the posters employers must display. Also, keep in mind that certain types of industries have additional posters to display based on laws related to their specific fields. For example, business owners engaged in the sale or service of food or beverages have additional required posters to display.

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Helping Restaurant Owners Navigate the New York Labor Laws

FAQ for Restaurant Owners

For restaurant owners, who are busy running their day-to-day business, New York Labor laws can seem like an added burden. Having access to a NY employment defense lawyer is often vital to navigate the laws and make your business successful.
According to the NY State Department of Labor, here are some frequently asked questions employers often ask:

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