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Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. has served clients throughout the NYC metro area. Over the years, we have established an excellent track record of success in achieving positive results for our clients, whether via litigation, settlement or through counseling and advisement.

While we are always prepared to vigorously defend our clients through all phases of litigation, we recognize that often times settlement of employment-related disputes is the best option for employers. When negotiating and drafting settlement agreements for our clients, we insist wherever possible on the inclusion of strict confidentiality provisions in order to protect our clients’ business reputations. These confidentiality provisions prevent a settling employee or former employee from boasting about his/her settlement, which can have negative impacts upon an employer’s public image. Such provisions also prevent a settling plaintiff from telling other employees or former employees about his/her monetary recovery, which can help to prevent the proliferation of other similar lawsuits. However, as a result, many of our firm’s greatest successes – the favorable settlement agreements that we frequently obtain for our clients – cannot be listed publicly here.

In addition to achieving favorable, confidential settlement agreements for our clients, some of our most rewarding work involves counseling and advising clients before they find themselves facing litigation or government agency investigations. We have helped countless employers to develop and implement policies and procedures to reduce and/or minimize the impact of employment-related litigation.

The following are some examples of successful outcomes that we have achieved for some of our past clients: *

August 2010

After an extensive union organizing campaign, which resulted in the filing of a Petition to unionize many of the employees of a well known adult entertainment nightclub, Stephen D. Hans & Associates persuaded the union to withdraw the Petition and the matter was concluded before the National Labor Relations Board. As a result, the employer was able to avoid the unnecessary and inappropriate expenses that would have been imposed upon them had the union been able to successfully represent the employees. It is important for small businesses to obtain experienced legal representation against union organization in order to avoid a financial obligation that is unwarranted and costly.

June 2010

One of the largest real estate companies in Queens was sued by a former employee who abandoned her job and thereafter filed a charge of discrimination on the basis of age and disability at the New York City Division of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After extensive position statements, documentary evidence and witness testimony, Stephen D. Hans & Associates successfully argued that her claim had no merit and should be summarily dismissed. Both the New York City Division of Human Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission agreed and her matter was dismissed and affirmed on appeal.

March 2010

Stephen D. Hans & Associates successfully defended a popular Queens health club when the New York State Department of Labor filed an action alleging that the trainers who regularly trained their customers, were employees instead of independent contractors. Stephen D. Hans & Associates proved the trainers were not under the supervision and control of the gym. The Appeal Board ruled in favor of the health club stating that the trainers were independent contractors, and the health club avoided paying a substantial amount of damages. The firm regularly represents small businesses who have relationships with individuals that are defined as independent contractors and the Department of Labor often challenges these situations.

April 2010

Stephen D. Hans & Associates represented a community not-for-profit group that provides low income housing to the poor and homeless. One of their building superintendents filed a claim with the New York State Division of Human Rights against the organization alleging disability discrimination. Stephen D. Hans & Associates appeared at a public hearing before the New York State Division of Human Rights and after a trial with extensive testimony and evidence, the Administrative Law Judge ruled in favor of the non-profit organization and dismissed the claim.

April 2009

When a waitress filed a claim with the New York City Division of Human Rights against a reputable Queens restaurant alleging her termination was based on pregnancy discrimination, Stephen D. Hans & Associates was able to submit a significant amount of evidence which included witness statements and records that ultimately resulted in the dismissal of the complaint without a hearing.

July 2008

Three employees sued the management of a well known Queens bakery for sexual harassment. The action was commenced in the Supreme Court in Queens County. Stephen D. Hans & Associates settled the matter for a small fraction of what the plaintiffs demanded, at an amount that was minimal to the bakery. The firm has defended many businesses against unwarranted and baseless claims of sex harassment and/or discrimination.

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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