Union Grievances, Arbitrations & Collective Bargaining

While labor unions generally work well when the employer is a government agency or large corporation, unionization causes greater problems for small and mid-sized businesses. Although nationwide union membership has sharply declined in recent decades, many unions have recently begun a push to increase their unionization efforts and regain their relevance in today’s economy. Small business owners frequently struggle with how to stop unionization campaigns or minimize union involvement in daily business operations. Additionally, small employers with unionized employees face difficult issues on a near daily basis as they struggle to run their businesses and manage their workforce while complying with detailed and expansive collective bargaining agreements.

Small and mid-sized business owners often try to face the challenges of negotiating collective bargaining agreements, extending expired agreements, and defending against unfair labor practice charges by themselves. However, skilled and experienced legal representation is a must for such businesses to successfully navigate these situations.

Experienced Legal Help for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. assists business owners with a wide range of union-related issues, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements
  • Defending against unfair labor practices claims
  • Representing management in connection with union grievances
  • Contract arbitration
  • Union avoidance assistance
  • Legal advice for contract interpretation

Based on an insightful perspective gained from past experience on both sides of the negotiating table, Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. assists numerous small and mid-sized businesses with a wide variety of union-related issues and offers legal services to deal with union grievances, arbitrations and appeals. Clients repeatedly turn to our firm for innovative solutions to resolve union-related labor issues. If your business requires assistance with any union-related matter, arrange a consultation with us today.

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