NYC Delivery Workers Bills Passed

Employers with Delivery Workers Should Take Note

At the end of September, the New York City Council passed bills that would benefit delivery workers in the city.

During the pandemic, many delivery workers helped NYC restaurants stay afloat. They were essential workers, recognized by the NYC Council through six different bills.

The bills would mainly apply to businesses with food delivery apps.

What measures change the employment landscape for delivery workers?

Gratuities must become more transparent. One bill would prohibit food delivery apps from soliciting customer tips unless they clearly disclosed the tip amount or tip proportion going to the delivery worker. Previously, many delivery workers did not receive the gratuities that customers intended for them.

Another bill would give delivery workers greater access to restaurants and restrooms.

Another bill requires the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) to do a study regarding delivery worker income. The purpose of the study would be to evaluate their low wages. Some of the factors the study would examine include:

  • Appropriate total income
  • Expenses
  • Required equipment
  • Safety conditions
  • Establishment of minimum wages

Currently, delivery apps charge delivery workers to receive their wage payments. Another bill would prohibit this practice and also require employers to make weekly worker payments.

Another bill would allow workers to establish the maximum distance they would travel per delivery trip.

The last bill would require the food delivery app companies to provide free insulated bags to workers who have completed a minimum of six deliveries for the company.

Do you have concerns or questions about the rights of NYC delivery workers?

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